Muzic in Motion is the Midwest’s leader in providing special effects, most notably for a number of Wisconsin sports teams. This facet of Muzic in Motion continues to expand to meet the demands of the sporting arenas and corporate clients. Much of our growth in special effects has been developed through the desire to add pizzazz to events.

From the sporting world to an array of social functions, grew a demand for special effects for our clientele. As the Midwest’s leader in visual effects, we can imagine the unthinkable. We welcome the opportunity to assist you at next event. From the sporting arena, to the corporate function, to the wedding reception we are dedicated, creative, excited, and eager to add special effects to your next event.
Video Projection
AirDD inflatable products
Lighting Effects
Theme Parties
Back Drops
Balloon Drops


Customize a laser show to fit your theme for your next event. Our lasers have many options either used indoors or outdoors for clubs, parties, award ceremonies, sporting events, and so much more. You’ll have some options when selecting from either the graphic or beam laser. Both produce highly visible green (argon) laser beams.


Confetti and streamers create a festive and colorful feel to any occasion. There are many colors, styles, and options available to you. Together we’ll determine what special effect you desire including the hang-time, appearance in-the-air and appearance on-the-floor. All of our confetti products have an aerodynamic shape that defies gravity while the product flies and floats. Together we’ll determine if the hand held or mounted CO2 Launching Systems or Airless Launching system is right for you. Confetti and Streamer products are easy-to-use and are easy to-clean-up! Mylar products are Flame Retardant, Color Fast, and Do NOT conduct electricity. Tissue products are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Airless Streamer Tubes

18” double sided Airless Launchers loaded with Metallic Streamers. The best thing about this awesome product is that you do NOT need CO2 compressed air. They’re human powered! Flick this 18” disposable baton with your wrist! They’re Fun! Exciting! Colorful! Everybody is flicking ‘em from the bridal party, the cheerleaders, to the CEOs. An excellent effect for grand marches, sporting events, or award ceremonies.

Confetti Cannons

These high pressure cannons were designed and built by Muzic in Motion using a CO2 Launching System which uses compressed gas and various size CO2 cylinders. Our design team will create a look that is right for your arena, banquet facility or venue of your choice either indoors or outdoors. Floor-mount units are great because you benefit from the product released into the air AND the hang time of product. The other option is ceiling-mount where the downpour of product is visually appealing.

Video Projection

LCD Video Projection

High powered LCD projectors effective for indoor or outdoor. Projecting any video presentation using VHS, DVD, and computer input.Rear or front projection possibilities available. We are proud to say that Westown Association of Milwaukee has used our services for their annual River Flicks event where popular movies are seen on a 15x20 screen at Pre Marquette Park. LCD projector is ideal for wedding receptions, corporate award ceremonies, fundraisers, community gatherings, block parties, etc.

AirDD Inflatables

Muzic in Motion is one of the official distributors for AirDD InflatablesTM with rental and purchase options available. These large inflatable products draw attention as they move, dance, and zigzag. These inflatable products are made of durable, light weight, rip-stop fabric that simply gets fastened to a fan and are set up in minutes.

30’ Fly Guy

This inflatable is a crowd favorite! Anything 30’ tall is an attention getter but this, in particular, really works. From the bending knees, to the waving arms to the silly hair blowing in the wind this Fly Guy is amazing!

Mini Flay GuysMini Fly Guys
A Mini Fly guy is ideal for any occasion indoors and out. Standing 9' tall, they look great on the dance floor as well as adding to the room's decor. Imagine a mini fly guy as a moving centerpiece or accenting a buffet table... Envision the mini fly guy drawing attention to the bar/beverage area. Mini fly guy - it's easy, it's fun and it's powered by one duo fan.

30’ Sports Guy

Excellent inflatable for sporting events! This 30’ tall inflatable is dressed in your team’s jersey, shorts and socks or anything else you need. We’ll customize it just the way you want. The Marquette Golden Eagles, The Milwaukee Bucks and Milwaukee Wave fans have been enjoying this special effect for years.

30’ Sky Tickler

Besides drawing attention, this 30’ tall inflatable is sure to be conversation piece. An 18’ tall solid color base supports several multicolored tentacles all waving and moving simultaneously.

18’ Air Flame

To add elegance to an affair, this is an excellent effect. These 18’ tall lamé fabric tubes resemble flames as the flicker from the power of the fan. Lighting options vary from custom colors that you select to the classic red, orange, and blue.

35’ Vertitubes

The vertitubes can be used signally or in groups for that dramatic look. They move with the direction of the fan in a rhythmic feel as they move, dance, and zigzag.

Lighting Effects

Intelligent Lights MX 4s

This lighting fixture is extremely popular in the clubs and concerts. Now Muzic in Motion can bring it your next event. This 150 watt discharge lamp provides 230° of pan and 76° of tilt. This effect will allow us to create ballyhoo like none other.

Color Changers

These color changing fixtures are affixed to a source four light and have the ability to fill the room with an array of multiple colors. These fixtures can be programmed to match any décor or theme (i.e. sporting team colors). It’s simple to add a chase pattern for enhanced visual effect. Stock and custom colors are available.


This 250 watt automated profile spotlight provides continuous electronic dimming, adjustable focus, strobe effects, multiple control options, 15 colors and 2 split plus white, 10 gobos, 5 beam angles, and frost effect.

This automated disco light fixture provides strobe effects with continuous electronic dimming using a 250 watt halogen lamp.

Mini Mac HTI 150s

This more advanced lighting system provides 12 colors plus white, 7 interchangeable rotating gobos, high speed mechanical shutter, 540 degrees of pan, 270 degrees of tilt, and a 17 degree hard focused beam.

Mac 250s

Similar to the Mini Mac but with some more advanced features. Using 12 colors plus white, 8 replaceable rotating gobos, a 3 facet rotating prism, variable focus, strobe effects, zero to 100 percent dimming capabilities.

Image Projection

A Gobo is a steel image that is positioned in this special effect. Now you’re able to displays images on walls, floors, or backdrop of your choice. Forget about expensive props and create your look through light. Choose from stock Gobos or have your image, logo, or deign custom made. Great benefit is that it produces a sharp, bright beam that can be focused and shaped to any size you desire.

Image Scans

Take any four-color image, logo or photograph and then transferred to an affordable 35mm slide. We’ll then project on to any backdrop ceiling, floor, that will programmed to different positions and even tumble.

Theme Parties

American Graffiti
Roll up your jeans and find your poodle skirt because Muzic in Motion has a Sock Hop theme show that is unforgettable! The DJs work behind a front end of a ’55 red Chevy. She’s a real beauty. To add to the ambience, neon signs and a 10’ tall diner backdrop accompany the set up.

Who Wants to be a Hundredaire?

This is the newest crowd-pleasing, interactive game. Stock, custom created or industry related questions are all options for play. The special effect begins with 4-hours of non-stop entertainment with music before, during, and after game. Muzic in Motion supplies the LCD Projector, 4 sets of intelligent lights with haze.


Think outside of the box. Half of the fun of karaoke is singing and being the star.
Take your event to the next level with stage & lighting effects to make your event spectacular. The sky is the limit


Exploding Backpack TunnelExploding Backpack
Basket Ball Helmet
Giant Mirror Ball

Back Drops

10’ Color Changing Columns
Create a stately look to any stage with 10’ tall columns which spans 30” in diameter. The wood framed columns lined with a durable rip-stop nylon material that can be illuminated with an array of color. Coordinate company colors for award shows, choose colors to compliment a theme, or use white for a dramatic feel. Truly the possibilities are endless.

10’ Color Changing Screens
Add dimension to any stage by using 10’ tall screens used alone or in groups. The wood framed screens are covered with a durable rip-stop nylon material that can be illuminated with an array of color. Coordinate company colors for award shows, choose colors to compliment a theme, or use white for a dramatic feel. Truly the possibilities are endless.


 4', 6’, 8', and 10' Color Changing Light Cubes
Add dimension to any stage by using 4', 6', 8’, and 10' tall Color Changing Light Cubes used alone or in groups. Coordinate company colors for award shows, choose colors to compliment a theme, or use white for a dramatic feel. As well as your company's logo. Truly the possibilities are endless.

Balloon Drops

Hundreds of multicolored balloons elevated as high as we’re able to secure the drop for a memorable effect. From balloon drops for New Year Eve festivities, grand openings, and more are available. Muzic in Motion takes great pride in manufacturing the Milwaukee Bucks balloon slings that deploys pencil balloons These balloon drops are quite popular with Milwaukee Bucks and Marquette fans as they enjoy waving these balloons in hopes of distracting the opposing team.


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